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Exclusive: Best Buy Reward Zone Manufacture Spend Method

Best Buy Reward Zone is Best Buy's points earning program.

Generally, you earn 1 point for every dollar spent.

You can redeem 250 points increments for $5 in Best Buy gift certificate.

The discovery is that you can earn reward points for Best Buy Visa Gift Cards purchases.

Best Buy sells these Visa Gift Cards:

Best Buy Visa

You can put $20 to $200. The fee is $5.95.

You will earn 205 Reward Zone points for this transaction, which equals $4.10 in Best Buy certificate value.

However, you can earn 25% more Reward Zone points for any purchase once you become a Reward Zone Premier Silver Member after spending $2500 at Best Buy.

Once you become a Silver Member, you will get 256 Reward Zone points for the same transaction. The value of $5.12 in Best Buy certificate.

You can purchase these with any points earning credit card! So you should be able to get at least 200 Membership Reward, 200 Ultimate Rewards, 200 SPG... etc.

Amex and Chase Freedom Cards have ran Best Buy promotions in the past that can make this more valuable.

Best Buy occationally runs 2x or 3x Reward Zone offers once you become a Silver Member.

I've been able to cash out these cards using Amex Serve in the past.

There are additional benefits that you get from Best Buy by becoming a Premier Silver Member.

They also have sent me $5 off coupons for any purchase a few times since I've become a Silver Member.

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